Bio Statistics

Bio Statistics

What is the importance of biostatistics?

Making sense of all the data, this is the one way of defining what a biostatistician does. Biostatistics is the part of statistics responsible for interpreting the scientific data that is generated in the health sciences, including the public health sphere. In essence, the goal of biostatistics is to disentangle the data received and make valid inferences that can be used to solve problems in public health. Biostatistics uses the application of statistical methods to research the areas of biology, public health, and medicine. Biostatistics has made major contributions to our understanding of countless public health issues, such as:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Cancer
  • Human growth and development
  • The relationship between genetics and the environment
  • AIDS
  • Environmental health (the impact and monitoring of)

The importance of biostatistics is integral to the advancement of knowledge, not only in public health policy, but also in systems biology, health policy, clinical medicine, health economics, genomics, proteomics, and some other disciplines.

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Biometrics refers to the utilization of statistics to the biological sciences, especially those relating to medical sciences. The statistical techniques used in biostatistics do not differ considerably from those used in statistics. However, academic departments of biostatistics often have more faculty and students involved in applications of statistical methods to data compared to statistics departments. At many universities, the department of biostatistics is located in the medical school or a related college.

Whereas, Biometry is the application of mathematics and statistics to problems with a biological component, including the problems in agricultural, environmental, and systems biology as well as medical science. These include mathematical modelling, computational biology, applied mathematics, and statistical methods. Academic departments of biometrics are often located in agricultural colleges, or colleges focusing on applied systems biology.

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  • Conducting Glycemic Index & Satiety Index Testing (Food Based Clinical Trials)
  • Conducting epidemiological & Nutrition studies
  • Market research
  • Development of Healthcare software applications (including Nutrition & Dietary applications)
  • Grant Proposal writing


Have a look at some of the advantages of the census in Biostatistics.

  • Increase confidence interval. Conducting a census often results in enough respondents to have a high degree of statistical confidence in the survey results. If you have a population of fewer than 1,000 individuals, you may often need to survey everyone to achieve statistical confidence.
  • Maximum chance of identifying of negative feedback. If you’re using online survey software, you can set up email alerts to get notified of negative feedback.
  • Everyone is invited. For annual measurements, such as customer satisfaction survey, it’s important to give everyone the opportunity to provide feedback.

Given are some of the drawbacks of the census in Biostatistics.

  • Limits other possible survey opportunities. You cannot ask the same people to complete a survey time and time again. If you email your house list a survey, you have to respect their time.
  • Declined response rates. The more times you try to survey your entire list, the lower the response rate will be each time. Census surveys tend to be longer than the typical survey. Your respondents will remember that the next time you ask them to complete a survey. When you do conduct census surveys, remember some of the best practices for email marketing such ask telling the respondent how much time they should expect the survey to take. Lying on a more extended survey is going to hurt your response rates for future surveys.

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