How Long Is A Thesis For Ph.D.?

According to Wikipedia “A dissertation or thesis is a piece of writing submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings.” You and your degree are just a thesis apart, and you have become best friends with Google. You can read a ton of pages online for your thesis outline.

Read all you like but do not waste all of your time on them. Ask your academic supervisor and your fellow students as most of the times universities have a standard format for each department. Your discipline might have a particular number of chapters and a general composition to use for a thesis.

Take thesis help from as many people as possible, people who have experience of writing a thesis and follow their best recommendations. If you have no clue regarding what you are going to do, then you have a problem. It makes things easy to tackle when you a general idea of what you are getting into.

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The simple arrangement of a thesis is, usually

  • Introduction chapter
  • Methodology chapter
  • Literature review
  • Data chapters
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion.


Let me tell you that it is not necessary that all these should look like as mentioned above. It’s pretty flexible. Some methodology chapters end up in the introduction chapter. You can have more than one literature chapter sometimes.

Mostly there are 5-6 chapters in a thesis, and word count ranges from 50,000-80,000 words. Humanities subjects typically have a high word count, while science does not have that high of a word count. You must take into account the maximum word count and page count set by your university department.

Keep in mind that when you start writing it is advisable that you should carve a rough draft of your chapters and allot a standard word count to them. Of course, the assigned word count it is not necessarily achievable. Start breaking down the chapters once you get the chapter list.

The introduction usually starts with an intro, then the research question, aims, and objectives, etc. The Intro is not rocket science. There are a million formats for writing a thesis intro available on the internet. Most of them will work just fine. You can also tweak them by your requirement. Each thesis is pretty different from the other and needs different treatment. Google will probably stop being helpful around about the time you get to your data chapters.

Remember, every thesis is different. Start with a general outline and be detailed as you go further. That’s the way it should be. You don’t have to know everything you’re going to write and where it will go when you start – you just have to start.

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