What Is The Role Of Students To Protect Environment?

The future belongs to students. All the important decisions regarding social issues, economy, politics, law, and order will be taken by our tomorrow’s leaders. Great leaders in the future will be ensured by a suitable foundation today. Students have a significant role to play in the society even today. They are held in high-esteem by the society. They are expected of a lot of good things. Students fall in the youth category of the society. A great asset to the society is their youthful energy and enthusiasm.

If channeled, this energy of the youth properly can bring positive changes in the society. Students from every age group cannot take much active participation in various social causes but they can and should be made aware of it. Apart from studies students can invest their time in critical social issues and actively taking part in them.

Our environment is the natural surrounding we live in. The mountain, plants, trees, rivers and the wildlife in it all constitute the environment. Rapid degradation of our environment is an important issue which is being faced by our society today. The degradation of the environment is a direct outcome of man’s thoughtless actions.

Our world is beautiful in every sense of the word. It is sanctified with great natural beauty but today because of our unresponsiveness towards the environment; we see a drop in its quality. Some of the environmental issues being faced by our society today are Mass deforestation, burning of forest, hunting and poaching, increasing quantities of chemicals in rivers due to industrialisation, unsafe disposal of garbage, improper drainage system, etc. In saving the environment, students have a significant role to play.

In strengthening the efforts of the government to preserve the environment and maintain ecological balance, we should play a pivotal role. The information regarding environment protection like the judicious use of energy and water, better disposal of garbage, protecting wildlife and so on, to our family and friends should be forwarded by us. We should also try and broaden our knowledge about nature importance and preservation attends seminars and workshops on environmental issues.

Lastly, here are some suggestions which you should follow and underwrite a little to save the environment. We can adopt practices, which can protect our environment and tackle this problem we should avoid traveling by cars to short distances, use smoke filters in cars, keep natural free from pollutants and chemicals like plastics, bottles.

Less use of pesticides and fertilizers, smart use of electricity, switching off computers, and TVs when not in use, plant more trees wherever possible, thoughtful use of resources, kind and gentle behavior towards animals, etc. All these small deeds will go a long way in preserving the environment if we love our environment and care for it. Our motto should be “Reduce, reuse, recycle (R3) so that our environment can be preserved for the future generation.

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