Medical Research Writing

Medical Research Writing


Medical science is one of the most serious and extensive modern sciences, which includes not only scientific and theoretical foundations but also practical activities reflected in a case study. Medicine examines and explores normal and pathological processes in the human body, makes recommendations for preservation and strengthening of health. The research at the secondary and higher educational institutions requires much more effort than is needed for students of other specialties.

To become a physician, a medical student has to possess not only exceptional patience and critical thinking in medicine sphere but also some writing skills needed to compose all academic papers required. Nobody would ever doubt that such paperwork is essential for every single student. The main reason is that effective and well-organized medicine CV will be of service to the future specialists during their job interviews.

This specialty combines many areas and fields of study. Medical writing is an integral part of studying process. At first, students may face some difficulties when completing any paperwork. Medical research writing is a responsible and time-consuming process for each medical professional; it requires deep examination of books and other peer-reviewed sources about health. If you need to get a good mark, it is necessary to do a great job. Every medical research writing including medicine dissertation, should have a correct structure:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical exposition of topics
  • The practical part with elements of medical practice
  • Applications containing the results of medical research
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Review


Dissertation Papers’ medical research paper writing service serves the requirements of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies as well as academicians across the globe. We provide best-in-class services based on similar successful partnership experiences, therapeutic area expertise, and delivery rigour.

Dissertation Papers provide cost-effective and targeted communication solutions by leveraging the scientific expertise of our global team of professionals. These cost savings help our clients optimise their publication budgets without sacrificing on scientific or editorial quality.

Dissertation Papers provide end-to-end medical writing services including

  • Manuscript writing and rewriting services (including medical research writing)
  • Medical editing service
  • Medical proofreading
  • Medical publication support service
  • Medical translation

Dissertation Papers’ medical writers at medical research paper writing service also undertake publication planning, regulatory writing, language editing, and literature analysis. Our in-house scientific services team combines scientific directors; therapeutic area team leads, medical editors, medical writers, and publication support specialists.

Dissertation Papers’every team member has at least a postgraduate degree or above in medicine or the life-sciences (MD, MBBS, Ph.D., or a master’s degree). Our medical editors and medical writers are well-known with and adhere to ICH, GCP, ICMJE, GPP2, CONSORT, PRISMA, STROBE, and ISPOR guidelines. They are also proficient at following guidelines and writing and formatting styles across a variety of document types including medical journals and medical research writing.


Medical writing at medical research writing service is an interactive method between the client and our medical writers. Based on the guidelines provided, our medical writers will write your medical research paper sample by arranging text, organise them into a well-structured document and intensify the presentation to build an impact and reach the target reader. Our writers have in-depth knowledge of the medical research writing and editing process, FDA regulatory guidelines, APA or AMA style writing and other specialised knowledge gained through experience. We have a bunch of medical research paper samples on our website for you to go through and see what we are talking about.


Many medical writers work in medical communications agencies that give consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry.
Agencies may specialise in:

  • Legal and regulatory documentation
  • Medical education and publications
  • Advertising and promotions

Medical writers in medical communications agencies:

  • Should provide materials to guarantee that doctors are informed about new medicines, medical technologies (such as implants and prostheses), diagnostic tests, medical equipment and how to use them
  • Should be involved in the development of a new drug. They may draft protocols (which describe how each study is to be run), clinical study reports and prostrations to regulatory authorities, be showing a case as to why a particular drug should be approved for use. Also, they may make evaluations of a drug that has been licensed or a comparison of various treatments for a condition.
  • Should produce conference materials or marketing information. You could be included in reporting on medical conferences, typically for a pharmaceutical company corporate magazine or to produce marketing materials. Medical writers also transcribe conference presentations, first-hand or from video or sound recordings, particularly if the presentation is not clear or the speaker’s first language is not English
  • Medical writers may also work immediately in contract research organisations (CROs) or pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, health authorities, doctors’ organisations such as the BMA and organisations like the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, which part-publishes the British National Formulary (BNF), a pharmaceutical reference book
  • Also, there is work for specialist organisations that produce systematic reviews of medical literature and other evidence-based medicine material, like the Cochrane Library and Bazian.
  • The job can also include writing primary papers, manuscripts for publication in medical journals, reviews, newsletters, and website content. You could also transcribe patient information leaflets, information resources for healthcare staff and doctors and promotional material.
  • There are other opportunities in medical editing, which include proofreading other writers’ work for scientific accuracy and editorial and grammatical errors.

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