Writing a Dissertation

Writing a Dissertation



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What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is an extended essay on a particular subject, especially one written for a university degree or diploma.

How to write a dissertation?

Following are a few points that must be remembered to write a dissertation:

    • A dissertation is comprised of a number of chapters.
    • To write a dissertation, one must pinpoint their own area of interest, outline their questions and explore the subject in complexity.
    • One must layout and defend their own conclusions.
    • Experience the process of producing knowledge.
    • Learn how to manage a project from beginning to end.
    • Validate your communication, information-seeking, and intellectual skills.
    • Exhibit your aptitude in carrying out an independent research project.

How to write a Master’s Dissertation?

Following is a precise guideline to a smooth Master’s dissertation writing:

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Choosing a topic

Thinking about the objectives of writing a thesis.
Generate thesis ideas.
Choose the right topic.
Choose your thesis question.
Conduct your research.
Choose your committee members.

Writing a Dissertation

Selecting your texts

Complete a literature review.
Choose your primary sources.
Choose your secondary sources.
Manage your citations.

How To Write The Master Dissertation

Planning an outline

Know the requirements for your field/department.
Nail down your thesis idea.
Prepare an outline.
Know what to include.

Most Master’s dissertations should include the following:

  • Title page
  • Signature page (with the completed signatures of your advising committee –
    usually attained at the defence, or after the project is deemed complete)
  • Abstract – This is a short (one paragraph or so) description/summary of the
    work completed in your thesis
  • Table of Contents (with page numbers)
  • Introduction
  • Body of paper
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited or Bibliography
  • Any necessary appendices or endnotes

Moving through the writing process

Make a schedule.
Write a little every day.
Take breaks.
Find a writing time that works for you.
Write your introduction.
Incorporate the review of the literature.
Contextualise your work.
Write your dissertation.
Write a powerful conclusion.
Add supplemental information.

Finalising your dissertation

Compare your draft with your university’s requirements.
Re-read the entire document for errors.
Follow all printing guidelines according to your department’s policies.
Prepare for your thesis defence.
Submit your dissertation.

How to write an introduction for dissertation writing?

Your dissertation must be divided into chapters and sections, relevant to the topic and dissertation type you have chosen. The given elements are typical of the traditional dissertation. You should discuss the overall structure of your dissertation with your academic supervisor.
The introduction to the dissertation should outline the background to the research study and inscribe the following areas:
The context in which the research took place

        • What is the background, the context, in which the research took place?
        • Why is your selected subject or issue important?
        • Who are the key participants and/or ‘actors’ in the area under investigation?
        • Are there important trends or pivotal variables of which the reader needs to be made aware?
        • A clear and concise statement of the objectives that the dissertation is going to address.
        • Have you presented an unambiguous exposition of your research aim, the objectives you will address to meet it and your research questions?

The reasons why this study was carried out

        • Was this study scrutinized for example in order to test some aspect of professional or business practice or theory or framework of analysis?
        • Was the research carried out to fulfil the needs of a business organisation?

The way the dissertation is to be organised

You should write your dissertation with the idea in mind that the intended reader and reviewer has some shared understanding of the area being investigated, however, underpinning concepts and arguments still need to be included as otherwise the depth of research will be compromised.

Researching and Writing a Dissertation proposal

The research proposal is an essential working document and which over the next few months becomes transformed into the dissertation. Used correctly, the proposal will become your roadmap through the dissertation process. The research proposal shows that you have thought through what the primary research objectives are to be, that you have identified the main sources of primary and secondary data and that you have given thought as to the research methodology. The Proposal should provide your academic supervisor with a ‘detailed skeleton’ of the whole dissertation.

The research proposal should include:

        • A working title
        • An Introduction to the Topic

It will include a brief description of the topic, the aim, research objectives and research questions to be addressed.

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