Dissertation Proposal Writing

Dissertation Proposal Writing

Why Students Need Help In Dissertation Proposal Writing?

  • Taking the first step-getting started: As mentioned above, dissertation proposal paves the way for the dissertation writing. And for most of the students taking that first step is the most challenging task. Not only they need to choose an interesting topic but also topic which seems informative to the committee.
  • Assembling relevant reference- Most of the students do not have proper resources to gather relevant references.
  • Unearthing suitable Data- Finding appropriate data for doing research is also a necessary stage in dissertation proposal writing. Students lack this skill and fail to prepare a perfect dissertation proposal.
  • Poor planning and time management- Students lack sufficient time for dissertation proposal writing. They are overloaded with various academic writing and other activities or responsibilities. Hence, they lack planning and time management skills.
  • Time Crunch- It needs a lot of time and hard work to craft a quality dissertation proposal. But, the majority of the students are short on time as they are overburdened with the lectures, academic activities, and personal life. Hence, they hardly get any time to do proper research and accomplish their dissertation proposal writing.

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How To Write Dissertation Proposal 

A research dissertation proposal is a brief and logical summary of your proposed research. It sets out the central issues that you intend to explain. It draws the general area of study within which your research falls, referring to the current state of knowledge and any recent debates on the topic.

If used correctly, the dissertation proposal will become your roadmap through the dissertation process. The research dissertation proposal exhibits what the main research objectives are and that you have identified the main sources of primary and secondary data. Also, it outlines that you have given thought as to the research methodology. The proposal should provide your academic supervisor with a ‘detailed skeleton’ of the whole dissertation; the fine details are added when the literature review is completed, and the primary research has been undertaken.

The research proposal should include:

(a)    A working title

Your title can and probably will change but using precise wording even at this early stage will help to keep your dissertation properly focused.

(b)    An Introduction to the Topic

This will include a brief description of the topic, the aim, research objectives and research questions to be addressed. You will find that moving from research aim to research objectives, to research questions is quite a difficult task. This, however, will provide a clear focus on your research and help you structure both this research proposal and the final dissertation. The aim of the research describes what you want to achieve from carrying out this research. The objectives of the research outline the particular issues that you need to address to achieve the aim above. They are more specific than the aim, in that they outline the particular dimensions of your research topic, which are relevant to the overall aim of your research. The research questions are more specific than your research objectives and specify the various insights/information that needs to be collected to achieve the objectives. Keep in mind that the research question often starts with a Why, How, or What.