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Dissertation Plagiarism Removal


With increasing frequency, colleges and universities are using Web-based plagiarism checking services to scan papers for copied material. And the consequences can be terrible: at one end of the spectrum, a failing grade for the assignment; at the other end, dismissal from an academic programme.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid dissertation plagiarism:

1. Know what constitutes plagiarism: Simply put, plagiarism is the use of the ideas or mainly the words of another person without giving acknowledgment to the person from whom they are plagiarised. Right off the bat, this shows us something important: you cannot simply change a few words of a copied text (so that the passage is no longer a direct quotation) and believe that you are out of risk. Unless the material is “common knowledge,” a citation is required for any material you copy -whether it is a direct quotation, a paraphrase, or even just an idea.

2. Know what your professor will look for: Even before the advent of the computer, professors caught students who plagiarised; the Internet has just made it much, much easier. So what might give a clue to a professor that there is plagiarism in the dissertation and the material you have exhibited as your own came from someone else?

  • Fluctuations in style
  • Vocabulary that is not typical for you
  • Harsh connections among passages
  • Deviations in the viewpoint from which the text is written
  • Inconsistencies in the theories or positions maintained in the paper
  • The failure of the paper to discuss the specific topic assigned
  • The unavailability in your university/college library of the sources referenced in the document.
  • The use of exclusively Web-based sources
  • Recognising the material

On its own, nothing on this list guarantees that material has been copied. However, the combination of several points above will surely raise doubts and will probably cause your professor to dig deeper.

3. Know how anti-plagiarism programmes work: If your academic institute or professor is using a Web-based anti-plagiarism service, it is a good idea to know what the programme searches for. Anti-plagiarism programmes currently in use do a combination of the following:

    • Search the Internet for word strings that may have been plagiarised. Search cached references. Even if your source is no longer available on the Web, it may still be accessible by the anti-plagiarism search, even if it was on the internet for one time.
    • Search databases of papers, theses, dissertations, articles, and books, usually comparing your paper against millions of archived sources.
    • Compare documents.
    • Make internal comparisons. The more sophisticated programmes use algorithms to check the structure of sentence and synonyms, allowing them to find out paraphrased material that has not been exactly copied.

4. Do not cut-and-paste. By definition, it is the act of borrowing material, and you are likely to leave clues (see tip #2, above). NOTE that this rule refers even to borrowing material from the papers you have previously written. If you ignore this rule, then make sure to cite the source of whatever you have borrowed.

5. Know your style sheet. Each academic style sheet (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian), has its own conventions for citing sources. If you don’t follow the right conventions, you could inadvertently wind up being accused of dissertation plagiarism.


When it comes to dissertation plagiarism and plagiarism removal, technology has been both a curse and a blessing. Though it has made it easier to find and copy work without their consent, it has also made it easier to trail and examine plagiarism when it happens.

The problem of dissertation plagiarism becomes urgent because of the huge amount of information available due to an era of computerisation. Students, publishers, content managers steal someone’s thoughts and pretend to be their authors. That is why the question of removing copied content has become more famous in the academic field.

A dissertation plagiarism removal service/software looks for matching strings of words between the document it is looking at and the ones it has in its index. They all work on the same principle and basically function much like we would expect Google or another search engine to work, finding the words we want in other sources and providing the best results it can.


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